“BANANA BOXES OF REDEMPTION” Landpark Assisië 2023

“BANANA BOXES OF REDEMPTION” is standing in the old chapel of Assisië in Brabant. Its a sculpture made of a stack of 6 painted banana boxes made with metal frames that hold photographs I took of religious and medical equipment in passe-partouts. These objects are part of the archive and memory of Assisië. The gold and silver metal ofc attracted my beady eyes, as the are both shiny treasure as well as things that carry a heavy meaning. Different tools in our quest for salvation… as well as other objects from this archive of Assisië, a community where traditionally Franciscan monks took care of boys with mental disabilities. The ever-changing face of health care that moves from religiously motivated to source of scientific study and our current privatized healthcare industry that’s both personal and market driven. As symbol for globalization and hegemony, the banana boxes are painted by the unique individuals that live and or work in Assisië, whom I encourage you to visit. The group exhibition “VRUUGER (dès ok al lang geleje)” is open weekdays until 19th of November 2023.